East West Guitar Journey Fusion

I played this segment of what I prefer to call " East West Guitar Journey Fusion" on the occasion of the second anniversary of Alsayegh Media celebration.

Since the audience came from many different cultural backgrounds, I tried within the musical notes of the guitar to simulate the concept of a train traveling from one place to another, making stops at several train stations, establishing a bridge connecting people from here and there, shiping goods from one departure station to the next destination stop, and vice versa .

They say music is a harmonic connection between all living beings, hence I tried to mix that breed of harmony and come up with this fusion, to reinforce that music is not only a bridge between earth and heaven, but a bridge between east and west.

Segments played from the following pieces: 
  • Andante
  • Romance
  • Fairouz instrumental Kan el Zaman w Kan
  • Fairouz instrumental – El Bent el Shalabia
  • Mawteni Theme
  • Malaguena
  • Flamenco Improvisation
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